John Staunton Nutritional Therapist at Uplift Nutrition

Eating right has been a lifetime journey for me. Growing up as a teen addicted to junk food and exercising only to get the TV remote, I found myself in bad health in my twenties. This was only exacerbated by the shortcomings of a vegetarian diet.

I decided to train as a nutritional therapist almost a decade ago to try and overcome low moods and gut issues, but to no avail. Then finally after a traumatic life event a few years ago, I found myself with clinical depression and anxiety for the matching pair.

It became clear that outside the medical model of drugs that affect serotonin or dopamine, there wasn’t much else to offer. I beat the black dog into remission with diet and lifestyle changes and I believe you can too.

When your desire for change overrides your desire for things to stay the same…in that moment, you can change your life for the better.