John Staunton Nutritional Therapist at Uplift Nutrition

Thanks for visiting. I work in a private setting in Loughrea, Galway.

Initially, I  trained as a Nutritional Therapist to deal with my own health issues and those of my family and both with great success.

As time has moved on, I’ve noticed that stress plays an underlying role in most conditions, so for my face to face clients, I encourage both diet and exercise as a path to improve resilience to the stresses of life.

I offer nutrition and personal training  to help people with a range of issues such as poor concentration, gut issues, fatigue, anxiety and mild to severe depression.

I understand exercise is not for everyone so these services are also provided separately.

Ultimately,  This a 1 to 1 private and confidential service. If you are ready to improve your health then reach out by phone or email.