What your Doctor isn’t telling you about Big Pharma

The Pharmaceutical Industry is a Billion Dollar Industry which wants to keep you sick. The pill for every ill concept of Big Pharma is merely masking symptoms of larger health issues rather than tackling the root cause.

So the system is designed to keep you unwell by continuously taking expensive medication that does not remedy the real underlying cause. It is time to take a stand to Big Pharma and show the world the real alternatives or cures out there that are being ignored by mainstream media.


How do you feel so far?

Annoyed, frustrated, interested? Why did you click into this article?

Are you now emotionally engaged with the content?

You have just been manipulated

The truth is, I only agree, in part, with some of the statements made above. What I want to draw your attention to is something bigger.

The reason you clicked on this article and how emotions, not facts, are a key driver in our decision making.

Why does this matter? It matters because every day you are being manipulated.

Manipulated by provocative health articles with sometimes bold or emotional headlines…a bit like this article.

Some other examples:

Here is what the government doesn’t want you to know(everyone hates the government)

This fruit is 1,000 times more powerful than Chemotherapy…BIG Pharma(those bastards!) don’t want you to know this.

Vitamin B17 cures cancer but your government is stopping you from uncovering this truth.

The point of these headlines is they direct your attention away from critical analysis and towards your emotional centre.

This is great news, because when we feel strongly about something we feel determined to share our opinion.¬† What was the major goal of the person writing the health article? Clicks…you’ve been played.

The same chicanery is employed regularly in Politics and in tabloid journalism, where elections are won by ‘who made you feel more’ rather than who had the best content.

Why am I telling you this?

Its time to stop looking at things as ‘good’ or bad. Life is not that simple and ignoring the massive swathes of grey means you only ever see a part truth.

Does the Pharmaceutical Industry offers a pill for every ill? Yes, almost every ill.

Do people want it? Yes, for a lot of people, that is exactly what they want. They want that quick fix. Life is busy, I get it…but do we need to vilify the ones offering that quick fix or can we accept our part in the process.

In some health circles, you see people walking away from Big Pharma and towards Big Nutraceuticals. Ok, so I made up that term to make a point. I should be delighted though, I’m a Nutritionist. Hooray, people got the memo, the road to health is paved with nutrients and covered in Luminescent pee.

Magnesium for tiredness, B Vitamins for energy, Omega 3 as an Anti Inflammatory. We are still stuck with the ‘pill for every ill’ model of healthcare. I absolutely do believe that nutrients can have a huge impact on your health, especially if your bloodwork shows up a shortfall.

However, lets not kid ourselves in that we are still taking a shortcut to health. We can bypass sleep, slurp up several coffees, medicate with wine every night and just take our trusted tonic and all will be well.

I’ve been going in and out of health shops for years and the one thing I regularly notice is someone coming in looking for the the new wondercure for their current ailment. One month its Fish Oils, the next Magnesium and the month after that it is Vitamin D.

Look I can’t blame them, life is busy. I’ve done it myself for years, relying on supplements to reach ‘optimum health’. When I trained as a Nutritional Therapist back in 2010, the author Patrick Holford was at the height of his popularity.

He had many books and each one seemed to have a new Vitamin regime. As a student therapist, I would see people coming in with bags of these supplements…it was like they were carrying around a set of Maracas such was the rattle of the multiple jars of Vitamin goodness.

That is when I had change of heart. These people were ill and needing help but instead their medicine cabinet now had a new section for ‘health tonics’. Underneath all that, they had a relatively refined and nutrient poor diet, they weren’t exercising and they often weren’t sleeping well.

They lived in hope of that wonderpill that was gonna change everything for them. In the midst of all this I remembered to take the word Supplement, literally.

Definition – Supplement
A thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it.

Supplements can be used to enhance our existing diet and lifestyle but if the foundation isnt’ in check, then maybe we should forget about painting the window ledges. We need to strengthen that foundation.

A house with a poor foundation will sink into the ground. The foundation to good health depends on Diet, Exercise, Quality Sleep and adequate light signals. Learning how to adapt these to fit your life, will make for longer lasting change. I cover these in my Stress Reset Program, helping people unlock the real key to lasting health.

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