Mind Body Program

If you suffer from Depression or Anxiety, they can seem overwhelming and never ending. What if I told you that simple daily habits are the foundation for returning to health.

Viewing life through the lens of a mental health issue can leave you feeling all used up. There is hope. That pain you are feeling can be a driving force for change. Let me show you how to break the cycle.

What you will learn:

*Exercise can improve Depressive symptoms – I will build you a workout plan and we will do this 1 on 1 in a private setting. I will help you build the habit of exercise that is continuously touted for its mental health benefit.

* Food – Some food can make you feel unwell, some food can make you tired or anxious- Learn easy ways to change this.

* Sleep – Good quality sleep makes life seem better – Learn how food, light and diet all impact our most precious psychological resource.

* How to Respond Differently – Sometimes we get caught in negative cycles of thought that go hand in hand with how we feel – Being aware of how we feel is the first step into changing our response – Learn the techniques that make that a reality.

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