Modern Life – Living at the brink of burnout

I used to have a very stressful job and stress burns through nutrients at a faster rate. So it makes sense to supplement with key nutrients such as B Vitamins and Magnesium etc…to negate the effects of a stressful life.

I did this for many years myself and found it to be useful, except one day it stopped working. Supplements couldn’t negate the long term effect of being overworked and overtired.

Great, now I was in a real mess.

Complete burnout, exhaustion, even a long absence from work. So it was back to the drawing board to find a more long term solution.

I continued to take new and sometimes more exotic sounding supplements all in the hope that the quick fix option was still there but eventually I had to face reality.

I burned through my health reserve and to regain health I had to rebuild it.

In order to reclaim health, we need to understand something very rudimentary about the two sides of our nervous system and this picture below explains it perfectly.



Life in the fast lane as Sympathetic Dominant

Its hard to be anything else in this modern world. Its not that the stress state is evil, in fact it’s how we focus and get things done. Living in this stress state you will find:

Your breathing is shallow

Food isn’t digested as well

Tired and wired at night

Waking during the night

Unrefreshed in the morning.

The hard part is, we need the stress state to focus and get things done. We use caffeine and sugar to tackle our tired moments and then when we want to relax in the evening, we can’t turn it off.

Its at this point people typically turn to Alcohol or Magnesium or something else to counteract the day and that’s great when it works.

If your waking up dog tired, its time to focus on making that change from the stressed state to the rest and digest state so you can have:

Better Sleep – That helps physical and psychological repair

Better Digestion – Do you have food intolerances or is eating in the stress state just making you feel unwell?

More Energy – Yes, if you can make it to the other side and start truly resting, more energy awaits and that energy is a calm happy energy.


Leaving the stress state to Parasympathetic Dominance

Life exists in a fine intricate balance.

We face a problem, we find an immediate solution, even if that solution is a short term gain that results in long term pain.

So to truly leave the stress dominant system, we need to reassess our relationship with food, caffeine and sleep.

If you take away caffeine and sugar without addressing sleep then be prepared for hellish days with no end. Alternatively addressing sleep without changing your diet and lifestyle means your sleep quality may continue to be poor and unrefreshed.

As someone who has been through burnout, I now offer people long lasting solutions to change their life. You can find out more about these services here.








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